A Roofing Contractor in Henley-on-Thames, Oxford
and the Surrounding Areas

ENK Construction Ltd is a roofing contractor serving Oxford, Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding areas. We carry out quality, long-lasting repairs and replacements on pitched and flat roofing systems. So if the roof on your property needs to be restored, please visit our website gallery to examples of the results we will achieve for you.

We are also a new build house specialist, which you can find out more about by visiting our service page. 

The roofing materials we use include:

And we also install UPVC, timber and aluminium roofing products.

Roof Repairs

Should you spot minor splits or cracks in the lead flashing on your roof, it’s best to seek professional repairs as soon as possible. Lead flashings join the gap between two surfaces, including the roof and the chimney stack, which means they play a pivotal role in preventing moisture ingress and water damage inside the property.

If you have a GRP fibreglass roof, our team can carry out patch repairs in select areas, covering any cracks or tears so that water cannot seep into the property and create a host of issues, ranging from damp to structural damage. This is a cost-effective solution for restoring your roof as we will only need to work on and supply materials for damaged areas. 

When property owners approach us with roof leaks we will take the necessary steps to repair any holes, cracks or faults in the roofing system that could lead to more extensive water-related problems.  

ENK Construction Ltd is the ideal choice when you need an experienced, friendly roofing contractor in Oxford, Henley-on-Thames or the surrounding areas. 

Roof Replacements 

If damage to the lead flashings is extensive, then the flashings should be replaced before they crumble, leaving your home exposed to the elements and unwanted pests. A cold interior or rainwater leaking inside the property are sure signs that your roof needs new flashings. Our roofers will remove the old materials and replace them with new ones that will last for decades to come.

Fascias and soffits support the guttering and help to keep the roofline watertight. Should you notice splits in the fascias boards, peeling paintwork or that your gutter pipe is leaking, it’s best to seek out professionals to replace these roofline products. 

We supply and install UPVC products, which are durable and provide a great deal of longevity as well as improving energy efficiency and therefore reducing your heating bills. 

Our team also installs timber products. They are extremely weather-resistant, performing well in all conditions and directing the flow of rainwater away from your property.

Likewise we work with aluminium products, which are weatherproof and maintenance free, so you won’t need to repair or replace them for many years.

Why not choose ENK Construction Ltd when you need a roofing contractor in Oxford, Henley-on-Thames or the surrounding areas? We have over 35 years of experience and we offer an array of roofing services.

For a roofing contractor in Oxford, Henley-on-Thames or the surrounding areas, please contact us on 07919 942918.
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