House Renovations in Oxford
Why Invest in Property Extensions?

House renovations take many different forms and here at ENK Construction Ltd, we specialise in property extensions, Velux loft conversions and roofing contractor services. Homeowners who are considering a property improvement project can read our testimonials to find out more about the services we deliver in Oxford.

We are also a new build house specialist, and there is more information about this trade on our service page.

On this page will be discussing the benefits of extending your home, whether this is into your back garden, the side of your property or both. 

There are many practical options available and an endless list of why extending your home is advantageous. We explain below:

An Extra Living Area

It’s common that as a family grows, the amount of rooms required to maintain a comfortable living environment will also increase. If you can longer relax and watch TV in a room cluttered with toys, or it is becoming impractical to complete daily chores like ironing, then it’s time to build an extra living room with a side-return or rear-facing extension. 

Additional Bedrooms

As your household grows it may seem as if your only option is to relocate. But if you love the area you currently live in and don’t want to experience a costly, stressful moving process, then an extension is the perfect solution. For the sake of family harmony it’s best for everyone to have their own private space. With a double-storey extension we can install two childrens bedrooms or create a fully functional granny annex to house older relatives. 

There are many advantages to investing in house renovations like property extensions and Velux loft conversions. 

ENK Construction Ltd carries out these home improvements and we are also a reputable new build house specialist and roofing contractor available in the Oxford area.

Accommodating Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve recently started working from home and a temporary set up like a foldable desk in your bedroom or lounge is no longer facilitating your work life balance, then having an office space where you can focus without distractions and leave work behind the door at the end of the day is the best way to ensure your home can remain your sanctuary and doesn’t just become an extension of your place of work.

You may also benefit from a utility room. Being able to keep your washing and drying facilities tucked away in a separate space from the kitchen will improve organisation, saving you valuable time while completing daily chores.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the main priority when carrying out any house renovations is to increase your property’s value. 

Projects like property extensions and Velux loft conversions are a great way to attract more potential buyers and you will see a return on your investment with a high sale price, thanks to our builders implementing a seamless flow throughout your Oxford home and your brand-new living space. 

Our company is also a new build house specialist and we are happy to help when you need a roofing contractor.

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